Stalled engines

The Sabres no longer have a mountain in front of them.  Last night, former Sabres Danny Briere and Marty Biron put the Sabres in a mine shaft that they have to get out of before thinking of climbing the playoff ladder.

Remember when you were a kid, and blowing bubbles was a fun time?  Remember that nice big one that you watched as it danced across the breeze, stretching out, until it was thin enough that the slightest touch would pop it?  Remember the dissappointment when it did pop?  The Sabres are almost there.

No longer will .500 hockey cut it.  The Sabres need to put together a winning streak.  Captain Craig Rivet thinks its possible:

“It’s going to be tough,” Buffalo captain Craig Rivet said. “We’re here to battle and we’re going to do everything we can. We’re not going to quit.”

From a fans perspective though, it appears that the quit train has already left the station, and most of the Sabres were on it.  A team that quits gives up leads.  Three games in a row now the Sabres have given up leads, two of which were two goal leads.  Last night Danny Briere put Philly on top with two goals in 125 seconds.

Coach Lindy Ruff, who along with Darcy Reiger are getting heat from fans about their jobs had this comment to make after the game:

“We have to keep the effort and keep working at it,” Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff said. “We didn’t score on our chances and they scored on theirs. That was probably a big turning point for them.”

If the effort was there the team would have beat the basement dwellers when they had the chance.   Now five points out of it, the Sabres have put themselves in a place for the second year in a row where they do not control their own destiny, and need plenty of help from other teams to reach the playoffs.  An interesting off season awaits.

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