Post Season blues....

Now that its officially over, and had time to sink in, the post season blues are beginning to set in.

After Saturday, the NHL seems like a foreign friend, someone whom you think your friends with, but whom talk behind your back when your not around.

I know, it hurts, but we are a resilient bunch here in Buffalo, and will withstand any sort of weather to trudge down to the arena next year for one more try at it, despite all the bad things we have to say about the boys in blue in gold.

It is with that determination that the Buffalo Sabres fan proves that this game is still more about the team that the guys in the sweater.

Keep your browsers locked right here at through the post season. I will make comments throughout, and gracefully thank the Stanley Cup Champions for thrilling us with amazing hockey.

Aside from that though, once the season is officially over (oh yes, I’ll give them until at least locker clean out day). The Gloves are off. No one is safe from the opinionated rantings of I will let you know who I think needs to stay and who needs to go, starting with management from the top on down.

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