Happy Birthday Gary Bettman and some birthday wishes...

Happy Birthday Gary Bettman! I couldn’t help what wonder what you could possibly wish for on your birthday, but here are a few things I wish you would wish for on your birthday:

If your birthday comes around, and we are still seeing playoff hockey, theres a problem. Its June. Its summer. You are the commissioner of a winter sport. You have perfected the outdoor Winter Classic game – now get the Stanley Cup presented before the invasion of nice weather.

Equal punishments for all. Sean Avery looks at a guy funny in the last five minutes of a game and is suspended. Malkin sends a message that he doesn’t want to go down without a fight – eh, let him play. I’m not saying Malkin deserves a suspension – I am saying figure out a uniform and standard form of punishment.

Figure out once and for all a way to keep Jim Basillie away from NHL franchises – or at least from moving them to Hamilton. I wouldn’t mind seeing Pheonix or Florida move to a Canadian city, but doesn’t the East coast have enough teams? And if your going to move Pheonix – why not put them in a Western Conference market so you don’t have to realign the league again?

Get rid of division winners taking 1,2,3 in the playoff rankings. Won your division? Great, here’s a banner for your rafters so things look pretty. Only got enough points for fourth place in the conference, whoops, you get fourth place. Sorry Southeast Division.

Market the league. You did a good job waiting to make sure you were not going to get killed in the ratings by the NBA, but instead of conceding to them, figure out how to be better than them.

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