Hossa, or Hossa-less?

Marian Hossa wanted to play for a winner.  Thats why Pittsburgh picked him up at the trade deadline last season.  It is why he left a guaranteed, long term contract in Pittsburgh for a one year, one time shot at the Stanley Cup.

In what couldn’t be a more perfect story line for the NHL (well they could always hope for an eventualy Ovechkin vs Crosby Stanley Cup Finals) The Pittsburgh Penguins have the opportunity to rub Hossa’s nose in the fact that he did not stay with the Penquins.

What I think is more interesting is the lack of overall production by Hossa.  In the playoff this year, Hossa has less than spectacular numbers.  Third on the Red Wings in ice time among forwards, he is fifth in production, points wise.  Numbers very similar to what he produced in Pittsburgh in a non-winning cup year.

If Detroit wins the Stanley Cup, then Hossa made the right move by leaving Pittsburgh.  If Pittsburgh wins, they are better off without Hossa.

Pittsburgh will have to overcome the home ice advantage factor, which has been huge in this series, in order to bring home Lord Stanley’s prized trophy, they have to figure out how to win in Detroit.

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  • Joe Dexter

    I really think Hossa is going to come out big in game seven. What a lot of people aren’t talking about for Hossa is the things he is doing on the ice beyond scoring. Granted, he does get paid to find a way to get a puck in the back of the net. He leads forwards in hits, and has done a good job of drawing mobs of defenders to him, and creating open looks.

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