Dear Jim,

Dear Jim Balsillie,

I am sorry to hear that a judge recently ruled that you could not buy the Pheonix Coyotes – mainly because Hamilton is a little too close to Buffalo for my liking.

I am glad that you couldn’t buy the Coyotes though, because, now you can use your winning attitude to bring hockey to a fan base that desperately wants a winner.  And guess what….you won’t have to pay a relocation fee, because they already have a team!  Yes, I am talking about you buying our beloved Sabres!

You see, our current owner, Tom Golisano doesn’t like New York any more because of our taxes, and is moving to Florida, like most men his age who want to retire.  And he only wants to be around the team when they were winning.  I remember two years ago every night he would smile and wave to the fans from the owners box.  The last two seasons, well were still holding the microphone from him.  He makes promises just like the politicians he woos.  If he spent half as much energy on his hockey team as he did politics – we would win regularly.

We already support the Hamilton fan base, so you get the best of both worlds.  And we have proven our worth, it wouldn’t take much for you to make us a winner.

So Mr. Balsillie, either buy the Buffalo Sabres and bring this region a Stanley Cup fast, or move a bastard team to the other side of Canada, they want and need a hockey team more than Hamilton does.

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