Same old song and Sabredance.

Toronto was cautious but added decent players in Colton Orr, and Mike Komisarek.

Montreal added Jaroslav Spacek, Hal Gill, and Mike Cammalleri.

The Bruins retained Byron Bitz while adding Steve Begin.

All three Northeast division foes added impact players to their respective rosters in the hopes of getting better and attempting to overthrow Sid the Kid and Malkin the Great.

Only problem is, the only team we care about here at stood still while the league revolved around them.

I had not expected the Sabres to make a Terrell Owens size splash today, but after a half way decent draft that might bring two prospects into Buffalo that buck the current trend of player types in Sabreland, the Sabres reverted back to their stingy, develop from within strategy that has proven faulty in the past.

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  • Kevin Whalen

    I know exactly how you feel Tim. My Devil’s just let guys that are staples leave to make other teams better. I know we are always competitive but thats just not good enough anymore. When will these front offices realize the fans of our teams just want to feel like their team is making an effort to hoist the cup?

    • Tim Redinger


      I agree with you. I don’t need the Sabres to make the finals every year, hell they don’t have to make the playoffs every year. I actually hope for the league to eventually evolve into a league where the Stanley Cup has a new home every year, Dynasty’s are fun to watch when there your team, but I think having two different competitive teams in the finals every year is something that more fans would find attractive.

      If front offices actually cared about what fans wanted and made their teams competitive every year, I think we would see that.