Kane gets off with clean record

Explain to me how a minor, under the age of 21 can leave the downtown area of Buffalo that late at night, assault the cab driver over twenty cents, and then get off by writing a mere letter of apology to the cab driver?

For those that have known me long enough, you will recall my senior year of high school.  On the last day of school, my best friend at the time and I arrived the earliest we could when we knew the doors would be open.  We methodically went up and down the halls of the senior high school with a can of Crisco greasing every doorknob.

As we left the building we were met by an unusually early teacher.  We knew right then we were busted but played it off like nothing was wrong.  We hung around in the corrider long enough to hear the results of her grabbing the door knob and were then gone.  Hours later we were ushered into the principals office.  A one day suspension (we were seniors, and it was literally, the last day of classes) ensued.  I counted is as an early exit to the final summer vacation of my life.

Only problem was, warrants were issued for our arrest, and we were charged with criminal trespassing.  It was knocked down to a violation, but is still on my record.  Leading up to the incident I had never been suspended, and maintained decent grades.  Fast forward now 9 years, and I have sinced served in the Army, graduated from college with summa cum laude honors, and am working on my masters in business administration.  Guess what, that one fateful day is still on my record, and I have to explain it every time I apply for a job or get a security clearance.

Patrick Kane beats up an old man over twenty cents, plays hockey for a several more years, and after a year of good behavior after writing one apology letter, nevers sees this charge on his record.

Fair, I doubt it.  But that is where we are at.  I don’t care that its on my record.  Yeah, I screwed up.  I was made an example of in an era of post-columbine school security.  Great.  And Patrick Kane just showed the youth of Buffalo that its alright to beat someone up over something trivial, as long as you have money you can get away with it.  Way to go face of USA hockey and Buffalo’s shining star.

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