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Check out what others are saying about your Buffalo Sabres:

It’s not much different than what I have been saying around here, but Russ McKeon of Yahoo Sports is predicting a 10th place finish, at best.

Over at Die by the Blade Zachary Zielonka reviews GM Darcy Regier interview with the Buffalo News.

Puck Daddy gives an unabashed preview of the 2009-2010 Buffalo Sabres.

Tim Rosenthal adds his two cents at

On the previews, I can agree with Mckeon and the Puck Daddy review, and was almost there with Rosenthal.  When Rosenthal got to his line predictions, I don’t think I am there yet.  Missing was Angola native Pat Kaleta.  I think Kaleta has earned a spot on this team, and his cannonball run style of agitating opposing players is a much needed element of the Sabres game.

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