Fallen from Greatness?

The league never gave up on him.  Hell, they practically gave him the key to the league when they retired his number across the league.  Yes, I’m talking about the one and only, Wayne Gretzky.

He holds countless records, has one more hardware than any one player can imagine, and he has Stanley Cup rings.

With the turmoil in Pheonix and the uncertainty of a team trying to come of age in a league that has really tried to favor expansion or relocated teams, you would think Gretzky would be there to help calm the swell of impending doom among the younger players.

The Great One has been more elusive than the governor of South Carolina on Father’s Day.  When the dust finally settles, and the Pheonix Coyotes are either still in Pheonix or relocated – it will be interesting to see what sort of reception back Gretzky receives.  Legally it might be a smart move given he is part owner of the team – he is leaving the team high and dry.  The ‘yotes are trying to be a respectable, competitive team; now would be a great time to forge a new path without the Great One at the helm.

For more takes on the Gretzky absence, check out Puck Daddy’s blog over at Yahoo Sports.

Buffalo fans can sympathize with the fans in Glendale, we were once on the verge of bankruptcy ourselves.  Luckily we were bought by someone who kept the team in Buffalo.  My fingers are crossed for the fans in Pheonix that the same thing holds true for them.

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