The H in NHL doesn't mean history

All eyes in the hockey world are on the city of Glendale, as the Pheonix Coyotes are fighting for their lives in bankruptcy court – no one knows what the future holds for the ‘yotes of Arizona.

Before that the Coyotes struggled to make it as the Winnipeg Jets, a historic franchise from North of the border that won three WHA championships in its 24 year history, but never anything in the NHL.

It does not trouble me that Pheonix cannot hold onto a team and relocation seems inevitable.  It does bother me that Hamilton is first in line.

Las Vegas, Kansas City and Seattle seemed poised to attract an NHL franchise.  What does trouble me is the fact t hat the NHL is sticking its neck out to maintain a team in the desert, while they continue to ignore the woesome Islanders and there struggles.

It leads me to believe that current NHL owners care nothing for history.  Call me apathetic, or maybe just pathetic, but I think history counts for something in the NHL.  The Islanders were once the talk of the league, and I am not just talking about their Gordon Fisherman Jerseys.  Islander’s owner Wang is set to seek out other alternatives if his Lighthouse Project is not approved.   Check out Puck Daddy for more on that.

My question is how far are we away from Tavares coaching the Santa Fe Trainwrecks (who use to be the Kansas City Wangs who use to be the New York Islanders) and winning the Jack Adams trophy, without knowing who Jack Adams is?

History is as much a part of the game as is superstition, and with each relocation and expansion, we lose a little bit more, to the unfortunate tune of history repeating itself.  I hope in my lifeteme I never see the Original Six as nothing more than a footnote at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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