Sabres Gamenight: Florida Panthers

We have been hearing this motto for three seasons now:

We don’t want to lose two in a row. 

Everytime we hear that, the Sabres go on a stretch of games where they can’t find the W column.  If they want to make the playoffs, the Sabres will need to keep to that motto starting tonight. 

The Sabres started to falter from the system Friday night against the Islanders, with sloppy play leading to Miller giving up 3 goals.  Saturday night the Sabres had a throw back night to last season, where they allowed goals within minutes of scoring one. 

The Sabres need to return to the team defense, team toughness that they started the season out with.  They might be a boring two games this week, but I would rather see two boring games in Florida and come out with four points, as opposed to not coming home with any points. 

The Sabres may have to continue without Thomas Vanek, the team 1-1 without their star forward, could play tonight, but Ruff could keep the million dollar forward off the ice until the Tampa game as a precaution. 

Expect Ryan Miller to be back in the net after having a rare night off.  The Sabres 0-1 without Miller, cannot afford to give up two points tonight and start a slide that could see them landing closer to Toronto than to Pittsburgh.

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