Sabres prospect Zack Kassian suspended indefinitely

Your taught from a very young age when playing hockey to keep your head up.  Unfortunately for Matt Kennedy is head was to far up – and Zack Kassian made him pay for it.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with the hit – how was Kassian supposed to know that Kennedy was going to follow the puck up like that?  I can see why you might want to call a penalty and suspend someone for a hit to the head, but the result of this was no different than if Kennedy would have had his head down.  Kassian should have held back if he had the chance – and definitely should not have aimed for the guys head.

Suspended indefinitely by the OHL for the hit, Kassian responded well, immediately throwing his stick and gloves down knowing he would have to defend himself.

Definitely something the Sabres organization will have to keep their eyes on, with Kassian’s status as a first round draft pick, he is destined for a spot on the Sabres roster.  Want a better clip to put on your resume going into an NHL training camp?  I can hit guys, and drop my gloves and fight too.

What do you think, appropriate suspension or Kennedy needs to be more aware of his surroundings?

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