Sabres Gamenight: Vancouver Canucks

Seeking to strike gold, the Sabres struck out in California this past week end, picking up a single point out of a possible six.  Hoping to cement their lead in the Northeast on this trip away from home, the Sabres will be lucky to stumble home with 8 out of the possible 14.  While their lead is still secure in the East, the extra padding would have been nice.  At the start of the road trip, we talked about Wednesday nights game being a race for first place in the East.  The Sabres would only be catching New Jersey in second place – Washingtons hot streak has put them three ahead of the Devils, and six behind San Jose. 

I was starting feel a little confident about the team going into this long stretch – the recent losses have me feeling a bit more grounded.  I still think were going to make the playoffs easily – but after the way they played this weekend, is there a chance this team can withstand a seven game series against the Western Conference for the Stanley Cup – if they are fortunate enough to get that far?

Tim Connolly has remained hot.  If he can keep this streak going he stands to tie Gilbert Perrault for the longest scoring streak in franchise history at home versus Boston, with the possibility of beating it at Pittsburgh on the first. 

The Sabres will need Connolly to be hot if they have any hopes of beating Vancouver tonight.  The Sabres sister franchise is on quite a hot streak of their own, and will be playing for the last time in front of a home crowd until well after the Olympics on Wednesday.  Say what you want about your team losing a few players to the Olympic tournament – the Canucks are being chased from home for a breathtaking 8 games before the Olympics and 6 games afterwards.  After hosting St. Louis on Wednesday, the Canucks won’t return home until March 13, a full 44 days the city of Vancouver will be without NHL hockey.

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