Saints Super Bowl Win fuels False Hopes in Buffalo

What do the New Orleans Saints and Buffalo professional sports franchises have in common?  Four hours ago, I would tell you they both lacked a championship victory – but Buffalo held  a one up on the Saints because they had appeared in a championship game.

No longer is that the case, as the New Orleans Saints found a way to spot the Indianapolis Colts ten points, before racing to a 31-17 victory in Super Bowl 44.

Granted it took them 43 years to get there, but the Saints now have a perfect 1.00 winning percentage in league championship games (1-0).  The Bills are 0-4, the Sabres are 0-2.

Fans down Bourbon Street are celebrating Mardi Gras just under two weeks early.  As fans from Buffalo look on, many have to be wondering what we can learn from watching another city of embattled fans rejoicing in victory.

New Orleans, for most of their forty-three years of existence, were the joke of the league.  Rallying behind a city demolished by Hurricane Katrina, the Saints have truly revived the French Quarter by bringing the Vince Lombardi Trophy to a rebuilt city.

Buffalo has not had any sort of weather phenomenom that beseiged the Gulf Coast in 2005.  Yes, we had the blizzard of ’77; but that pales in comparison – so our sports teams have never been elevated to the status of being able to rejuvenate a city, and give them a reason to rebuild and revive.

A look down at One Bills Drive leaves fans scratching their heads, wondering what the hell is going on with the team, and what direction they are taking – with a decade long playoff abscence after being the dominant force in the AFC for much of the late ’80s and’90s.  Maybe the last ten years of football in Buffalo have been punishment by the football gods for wasting so many years of great football in Buffalo without a championship.

Examining the core of the Sabres brings about similar sentiments.  On the brink of greatness several times during their run in the NHL, the team has never been able to pull the trigger on a deal with a player or players that could make the team a true contender.  Hell, all of the greatest players in Sabres history, Perrault, Hasek, Miller, Briere, and Drury (to name one old school great and a few modern equivalents) all graced the Sabres locker room because of dumb luck in a draft, or a crafty trade.  The lure of free agents to Buffalo is about as sexy as a three legged goat.  New Orleans goes out of its way to bring in Drew Brees and make the Who Dat nation relavent.

Hats off to you New Orleans, for rebuilding and reviving, and for throwing a hell of a party, year after year, after year and for a great year of football.  Congratulations to the Superbowl 44 Champion New Orleans Saints from the City of Buffalo – and thank you for fueling several more years of false hope within our ranks.

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