Training Camp Part 2

Unfortunately for the Russians, the Olympics are over.  The highly touted Russia vs. Canada match was nothing more than a fizzle, and almost looked like the womens Canada vs. Russia match. 

Yesterday was not just the end of the Olympic’s for the Russians though, but for every NHL player that didn’t make the Olympics – as they had to report back to practice yesterday.

In Buffalo, players can’t help but feel like this week is almost like training camp part two.  With the deadline creaping up on the Sabres, the locker room has to be filled with guys looking around, wondering how the room is going to look much more different in just a few days. 

The Sabres could use help – and it is out there.  How much we will be willing to part with is the other question.  With a total of 16 NHL ready defensemen, (eight in Buffalo and eight in Portland) there is a lot of room to figure. 

Darcy spent a couple days of his February break in Rochester watching his prospects play.  Some of those rookie defensemen better sleep with their phones nearby for the next week, with Tallinder and Lydman both going RFA this year, trades could come.

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