Sabres face major hurtle

The Buffalo Sabres have backed themselves into a corner, and are now faced with a one and done situation.  There are three games left in this series, two in Buffalo, and one in Boston. 

The Sabres need a win in all three contests to set up a second round date to a team yet to be determined. 

Despite falling to Boston in the second overtime, to a ridiculous penalty – the Sabres played the game the way they needed to, but it wasn’t enough.  for the fourth game in a row, the Sabres scored the first goal of the game.  For the second time this series, they went ahead 2-0 before allowing the Bruins to get back into the game, and ultimately win. 

Ennis and McCormick could possibly be the best Sabres on the ice right now.  Thats not saying much, given the Roy’s, Pominvilles, Connollys, Torres that are on this roster.  Finding a top six forward on the Sabres roster who has impacted any of the first four games other than Thomas Vanek and you get to play a game popular in middle schools across the nation:

Can you find Tim Connolly?


There won’t be much of a party in the plaza on Friday night, despite the fact that the Sabres have at least one more game left at HSBC Arena.  They would find themselves very lucky to see the city of Boston again.

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