Sabres staying alive

The weekend is over, and despite being faced with a win or go home situation tonight, the weekend wasn’t as doom and gloom it could have been.  A loss in game five really would have put the kabosh on any sort of weekend enjoyment. 

Tonight the Sabres will once again play for their respective playoff lives.  The only thing is – the game is in Boston and they have yet to be able to beat the Bruins at the TD Bank Gardens.  Hopefully tonight will be the night.  After splitting the first two games of the series, the Bruins forced the Sabres into having to win in Boston.  If the Sabres can come out like they did in, hell all five games so far – they should easily score the first goal of the game again.  It hasnt been the start of the game that has us all worried; its about whether they have the stamina to go for all three periods, and keep their foot on the gas.

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