Ruff and Regier together still

The Buffalo Sabres management has been quick to move regarding their front office after being ousted by Boston in six games in the first round of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

While many fans were screaming for the heads of Ruff and Regier – the Sabres have picked up the one year option on Lindy’s contract.  That coupled with the fact that Regier has one year left on his, will keep the tandem together through the 2010-2011 season. 

I think this is directly in line with how the team operates.  They won’t buy out a player, so why buyout a manager? 

The team still has faith with what is going on in the locker room, so why not have faith in the two men who have formed that locker room?

Lindy Ruff publicly stated that he wants to win a Stanley Cup in Buffalo.  He has come close as a coach on two or three occasions.  Lindy is a good coach.  You can bet there are good teams throughout the league that are waiting for the day his services come available, and he will win a Stanley Cup somewhere.  Hell, he almost did it in Florida as an assistant.  He helped Canada win Gold in Vancouver as an assistant. 

It will come down to can management and ownership give him what he needs to win. 

Darcy Regier said today during the teams press conference that he will be as busy as he can making trades.  I think being burned at the deadline is going to make him very gun shy regarding trades – but for a team that won’t spend money in free agency, he has to do something. 

I was going to wait until last to do a management report card – but with today’s news we will do management next. 

Coach – Lindy Ruff.  Grade – B.  Lindy changed  his in your face style to a more laid back, let the players handle the business this year, and it seemed to work.  While Lindy still needs to have faith in his back up goaltender, management needs to give him a goaltender that he can have faith in.  If the message is getting stale – maybe Lindy needs to tweek his system a little, or get players that will conform to his system. 

Darcy Regier.  Grade – C.  Raffi Torres is just another name on the list now of players who used Buffalo as a revolving door at the trade deadline.  While Torres did nothing to increase his price come July 1st – Darcy is ultimately responsible for pulling the trigger on the trade.  Would the Sabres have been better off without Torres against Boston?  Who knows.  I hate to question shit like that because it doesn’t really help me sleep better at night. 

Owners – Larry Quinn & Tom Golisano.  Have you noticed Golisano only comes around when we are winning alot?  He’s been pretty absent since the losing began.  Has he gotten a nasty case of food poisoning from eating that microphone?  Quinn is the same way.  He seems to only want to face the music when things are going as right as they can be.  Guys – if your holding Darcy’s hand when it comes time to acquisitions…let him go.  Your hockey team will be better if your hockey guys make your hockey decisions.  Owners grade: F.

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