Chicago sends San Jose back to drawing board

In four games, the San Jose Sharks have lost all the momentum of the last three seasons of trying to obtain a goal of winning the Stanley Cup.  Hell they can’t even get their hands on the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl that is now in the hands of the Chicago Blackhawks.

While the city of Chicago celebrates their first trip to the finals in 18 years – the fans of San Jose have to wonder what it is going to take to see San Jose join the list of cities to add championship banners to their rafters. 

I can kind of relate to the Sharks fans – to come so close, only to have to end early, and then suffer the start of the season raising a banner that gets you no bragging rights. 

Maybe, just maybe – the Sharks are the epitomy of the term “not built for the playoffs” – because another year goes in the history books that the Sharks were tops in the regular season, but on the outs in the playoffs. 

Western Conference Finals Prediction: Chicago in Six. 

While they wrapped it up quicker than I thought – it pushes me to 8-5 on the post season so far, with two more series to go!

We shouldn’t have to wait to much longer for the Stanley Cup to start making its presence felt with just two team remaining, the Flyers hold the Canadiens at gun point with a 3-1 series lead, with Game Five coming Monday night at 7 in Philadelphia.  Versus and CBC have the coverage.

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