Sabres Prospect Making Name for Himself

The Sabres have a tough guy making himself a name in the minor leagues.  Unfortunately its not a good name. 

This past season Kassian was suspended 20 games for a viscious open ice hit during a game.   Check out the video below of the center ice hit:

Now it appears as if the 19 year old future NHL has been arrested for getting into a bar fight in Windsor, Ontario.  No charges have been filed as of yet, but could be. 

The Sabres definitely need a player of this caliber on their roster, someone with an edge, that other teams would be afraid of playing, but the list of cons against this guy is growing and growing.  It will be interesting to see how the Sabres react to this list of on ice and off ice infractions.

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  • Susan s-k Lee

    I remember hearing about this incident. Are up and coming hockey players turning into football hooligans?

    • Tim Redinger


      Thaks for the read and the comment. I would say no, younger hockey players are not turning into contemporaries of their football counterparts because of the nature of the game. Football players have alot more free time on their hands based on the fact they play once a week.

      Hockey players on the other hand have a short off season, and maybe only two or three nights off a week. You also don’t have the big money contracts right out of the gate for hockey draft picks that you have in football.

      I think you will always see a few isolated incidents, which make them seem more severe; but generally the maturity level is a lot higher based on the scheduling demands.