2010 Fansided Mock Draft - Sabres Selection

So behind the scenes, each of us Fansided bloggers have joined forced to put together one large mock draft, that will be featured on Too Many Men On the Site.  Stay tuned as the mock draft will be posted in its entirity before the actual draft in Los Angeles in just about one week. 

Today, the Buffalo Sabres were on the clock, which means, I had to make the selection, of available players, based on draft eligible and who had already selected, I have to say, three or four of my top choices were already selected, and therefore, off my board. 

With the 23rd overall selection in the 2010 Fansided NHL Mock Draft I selected Alexander Burmistrov, a center from the Barrie Colts.   

  There was one problem with taking this selection, as Burmistrov has played in the KHL, and was told he could come to North America to play hockey for a year, now I know the Cold War is over, but this sounds to me like someone who wants to play in North America, and has used the system to his advantage.  With this selection. the Sabres could spark another contract war with the rival Russian hockey league. 

I took Burmistrov because he fits the “image model” of a typical center that has been liked by the organization, small and skilled.  With a little  added toughness, Alex Burmistrov could be a very competent NHL Center. 

Already being compared to Igor Larianov and Pavel Datsyuk, he could be a player the Sabres could start to shape the future around, as they start to slowly dismantle the current team that has failed them three years in a row now. 

The Scouting Report has this to say about the young Russian Center. 

Check out the stats on the young former KHL and OHL seasons at Hockey Database

While most sites that I have looked at have the kid going in the top fifteen, for some reason he dropped down into the 23rd pick and I was able to scoop him up.  Despite the Sabres recent failures with Russian born players, I can see the Sabres trying to draft this guy, if he is on the board at 23.  I don’t see them using draft day as a trading platform to move up to select the Russian center. 

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