Las Vegas Good To Miller, Myers

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Rookie phenom Tyler Myers started the show out by bringing in enough votes to capture the third Calder Trophy in franchise history.  He joins the ranks of Gilbert Perrault (1970-1971) and Tom Barrasso (1983-1984).  Watching the awkward kid accept the award was kind of fun, and despite the many calls for the “hook” to get him off the stage, he stumbled through his thank you’s quite well, for a modest kid who just wants to play the game.

Despite playing in his shadow, Ryan Miller towered over Tyler Myers in the awards category tonight, cleaning up by winning the Vezina Trophy and the NHL Foundation Award.

Both players were up against tough competition for their respective awards, and all three honors were well deserved.

Overall the award show was, well, it was an award show.  The NHL should think twice before reaching out to Jay Mohr as a host – his comedy was absolutely horrible.  I was able to tune into Puck Daddy’s live chat during the event, and one person made a comment that I completely agree with, Vince Vaughn would have made a better host, he likes hockey, and he would have been funny.

Jay Mohr struggled to pull off his comedy lines – the jokes seemed labored – and he seemed more interested in the “vegas” atmosphere than the NHL.

Speaking of comedy, not sure if Mark Wahlberg wsa trying to be funny, but when he announced the winner of the Calder trophy – he announced it as Tie Domi. Domi and Myers have completely different backgrounds, playing styles, and images – and the closest Domi every came to winning an award in the NHL was the fact that be played in the same city that the awards are stored and displayed.

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