Sabres Still Missing Something

So it’s time for me to take a crack at comedy again.

“What do the Bills and Sabres have in common?’

Ok, so if you feel like reaching for the oldest of punchlines, you can always fall on the time tested (and twenty years later annoying) – Neither one can win a Super Bowl.

But what about making it work for the modern day teams?

How about draft position?

Minus a fluke on either team when the Bills drafted 23rd and the Sabres drafted 5th – both teams always find a way to draft right around 10th.

Neither one has a quarterback?

Ever since Jim Kelly left the Bills, they have had no one under center that could really lead this team.

The moves they made this year so far have left the Sabres without a true power play quarterback this year – and its a spot they have needed work on since Scott Arniel left from behind the bench.

They leave their fans something to be desired for?

The Buffalo Bills are the only AFC team not to make the playoffs since the league expanded to 32 teams in 2002.  The Sabres have caught glimpses of the Stanley Cup, only to be “this” close.

They have the best fans in the league?

Come on now, this ones a gimme.  How many other fan bases would return time and time again with such records?  Ok, Kansas City and Oakland you don’t count.  Maybe it’s not all that bad here after all.

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