Sabres Stocking Defense

The Buffalo Sabres chose to waive Tim Kennedy today, which makes me wonder exactly what happened between the team and the young prospect.  Considering his entry level salary and signing bonuses – a million a year wasn’t that big of a raise for the kid.

If I had my choice between Buffalo’s own, I probably would have kept Kennedy’s skill over Kaleta’s game.  Or I would have shed Tim Connolly or Derek Roy and kept the young prospect on – at least the Buffalo kid has the heart – and just as much ability to be a pest and get under the skin of teams like the Philadelphia Flyers.

With the problems the Sabres have at forward, they are trying to compensate by building up their blue line.  They did that today by adding Shaone Morrisonn, formally of the Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins.  Morrisonn is a former 1st Round draft pick (2001, Boston Bruins 19th overall).  A big stay at home defensemen -  might be what the Sabres need.  Can you imagine a forward streaking into the Buffalo zone having to face a 6ft 4in Morrisson on one side and 6ft 8in Tyler Myers (also selected 19th overall) on the other?  Then if they have the chance to get through that mountain of defense they have to face Ryan Miller?

Be careful Buffalo – we could be headed back to an era where we get a lot of 2-1, 1-0 hockey games, a la Dominik Hasek style.

After a very bizarre and boring July – the Sabres have opened up August with a bang.  Tim Kennedy looked set to enjoy a nice run here in Buffalo; and now we add another defensemen.  I wonder if Darcy has any other things up his sleeve; it could easily make for an interesting training camp – even though the locker room isn’t look too different from last year.

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  • warchief65

    What is Buffalo doing ? The answer is , nothing . They don’t what to spend money and pick a scorer , defense , well , they did get rid of the Sweden meatball , and brought in a defenseman who can put up some points . But , it’s the same old same old.I have said before , that the brass at the Sabresland , Quinn , doesn’t know anything about hockey . With Kennedy getting a raise , that put Quinn’s own spending mark , by one million over . He have always had the cap by 5 million , every since he was running the show . Now , they aren’t going to pick up any good players , and keep it in they’re own house . I really don’t think that they will make the playoffs this year . Can you imagine the best goalie of the league , and NOT in the show ?Thank you Quinn ,you keep showing how NOT to run a pro hockey team .

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