What The Hell Is Going On

As Mike pointed out just a minute ago, The Buffalo Sabres are reportedly preparing to or have waived Tim Kennedy, with the intent of buying out his contract. 

Remember, the Sabres could not walk away from his arbitration hearing of a one year, one million dollar deal according to the CBA. 


Ok, now that my initial reaction is done, the Sabres could be making room on the team for what Darcy alluded to in his comments last week about getting ready for training camp but still talking to some different avenues. 

If the Sabres do waive Tim Kennedy and nothing is done to this roster, I revert back to my previous statement of CHEAP BASTARDS. 

Stay tuned here, when news breaks one of us (its like a freaking quick draw contest here some days) will put up an update, and I am sure there will be plenty of reaction to what happens.

***Sabres confirm that the team has waived Tim Kennedy.  Teams will have until noon on Tuesday to claim him.  GM Darcy Regier will address the media after the waiver period.

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