Mark Mancari resigned.

The Buffalo Sabres have resigned Mark Mancari to a one year deal, according to The deal would pay him $575,000 for one year. Mancari has done well in Portland/Rochester, but has never been able to make the jump to the big club. The reason? Well it could be a number of things. But I feel it is because he has never been given enough of a chance. Although at some points he seems uninterested and slow. If he is ever to make the jump he needs to be given the chance to do so, unfortunately though there are (arguably) more skilled players in his path. But regardless of his ability to play for the Sabres he will continue to put up big numbers in Portland.

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  • warchief65

    You are right , the Sabres , well , namely Ruff , haven’t gave Mancari enough time to make the team.But , then again he isn’t the fastest player , but not the slowest either.I think that he would better off by going to another team.True , he has been lighting the lamp in Portland and Rochester but having a difficult when playing for the Sabres.It seems that the way the parent club of dealing with Kennedy is working.Whatever they want to pa a player , no question from that player. And they wonder why big name player won’t come to Buffalo .