Is There A Plan?

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When will we see the plan that Darcy Regier; Larry Quinn, and absent owner Tom Golisano have in place?

When the team was hot – the city, and the ownership was high on them.  The only acceptable goal was the Stanley Cup.

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  • nogoal39hasek

    I read somewhere that the 2 players were Koivu who resigned in Anahiem and MAtt Cullen who I guess is from Minnesota seeing as he signed with the Wild .

  • Tim Redinger


    THanks for the read and the comment, those two players could very well be, and the pieces seem to fit. I could see both of them fitting on this roster – I have always been a fan of Koivu. Ultimately we will never know unless the player or agent leaks the information, I doubt the Sabres would ever reveal that.