Is There A Plan?

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Then things fell apart.  Drury and Briere left in the same off season.  When Drury realized that the Sabres locker room had no picture of the Stanley Cup to motivate, he had management put one in.  He might as well have put a revolving door on the locker room as well; as free agents continue to walk through HSBC, down Main Street en route to bigger and better contracts and teams that are more dedicated to winning.

After two years of missing the playoffs after Tom Golisano promised to eat a microphone if we didn’t win it all; the owner who once waved to sellout crowds at HSBC Arena from the owners box hasn’t been seen, or heard from when it comes to the Sabres.  The only time we hear about Mr. Golisano is when he is pulling the puppet strings of marionette Larry Quinn.

After a divisional winning season; and an early exit from the playoffs, Darcy Regier said he would pull no punches in making changes to the team to make them better.  Well, the top six forwards are still in place, the defensive corp was ripped apart when Lydman and Tallinder left.  Regier has made attempts at filling the holes on the blue line.

He admitted the Sabres were at a players number or above it; one player decided to stay put, the other decided to go home.  We will never know who those players are; but why didn’t they choose Buffalo?

Maybe it’s not always about money.  Maybe it’s not always about winning.  Maybe it is about commitment to a plan.

Is it October yet?  The only way to know if the Sabres are committed beyond their lineup of second tier players is how they perform on the ice.  If it’s another embarrassing first round exit; Darcy Regier should be set out the revolving doors and management should reevaluate their commitment to the city; because the team is not just the Buffalo Sabres.  The team is the city – that is why we are there, year after year.  We are committed to winning.  Are you?

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