Sabres Versus Flyers First Period Notes

So I am sitting here in section 319 pondering the Sabres first twenty minutes. The scoreboard is not a good indicator of how things are going.

Oh sure, the game is as entertaining as preseason hockey can be. Sure, the Buffalo Sabres are leading the Flyers 3 – 2. If we are going to make a serious run though…much has to change.

1) Tim Connolly needs to remember how to play real hockey. Twice he lost a battle for the puck in the Flyers zone. The second time it resulted in a two on one.

2) Derek Roy. Where to start here. First off, the refs have been on to you for a couple of years now, stop diving they are not going to call it. The moves you made in peewee may have worked there….but nine times out of ten they are not going to work in the NHL.

3) Chris Butler, let me ask you a question Chris, why at the ten minute mark did Ryan Miller have to defend himself? Isn’t that your job? Thought so.

All in all I am not seeing anything different from this team, so while we might make the playoffs this year…our weak spots are still our weakspots and our opponents will have us figured out well before May hockey gets here.

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  • dannysabre

    hmmm…. well if you had watched the rest of the game… Roy scored 2 and had an assist. id say 3 points is pretty good for a game wouldn’t you. Oh yeah and the Sabres won 9-3
    i would seriously recommend watching the end of the game next time
    nice article

  • Tim Redinger


    Thanks for reading. I did watch the whole game, I was in section 319 for the entire game. Ok, I missed the Flyers third goal, I was late getting back to my seat from my between period smoke break. Roy ended up with an outstanding night overall, but your not going to get a nine goal night every night to make up for the mistakes. I was just pointing out things in the game that were, well – blatantly obvious of reasons why we continue to lose with these core group of players. Roy continues to lead this team in points – but how good could he be if he didn’t take off shifts and play the game his way?

    Check out my full article on the game! Thanks for the read and the comment!

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