Kennedy Waived by Rangers

So several weeks ago, well maybe two, I posted an article entitled Its Not Always About the Money.  It was about Tim Kennedy, the Buffalo Sabres, arbitration, and about the fact that both sides really botched a chance to keep a Buffalo kid here in Buffalo. 

The article wasn’t pro-Sabres, the article wasn’t Pro-Kennedy.  The article took a lot of crap from commentors, so I pulled the article, because I was spending more time defending my writing and it was going no where but in circles. 

So he we are again back at the beginning, with Kennedy not having an NHL home for this year.  Once he clears waivers, he will be assigned to Hartford of the AHL. 

I am not saying the Sabres were right, I am not saying Tim Kennedy was right – but had he taken the Sabres initial qualifying offer, he would be in the same shows, making the same amount of money with a lot less drama – and a better chance at making an NHL roster come injury bug time. 

So now that it makes much more sense, all you naysayers and pro-Kennedy deserves a million dollars to stay in Buffalo can sit down, shut up, and listen to me tell you I told you so.

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  • anthj99

    Wow….I didn’t read your other article, but I’m sure it was as dumb and pretentious as this one. Stay awesome, dude!

  • anthj99

    I am very amused by this horrible article. I can’t even figure out what you are trying to say, “I told you so” about! Unless you are assuming we read your dumb first article that you pulled because it was horrible and you were torn to shreds about. Maybe you should stick to….well, I don’t know what, but I know you shouldn’t be writing articles.

  • Tim Redinger


    Well lets see,

    For starters, Kennedy held out for arbitration and got more than he deserved. He is a smallish forward that is pretty decent, there is another one just like him around the corner. And he wasn’t ready for the NHL this year. Two teams have now told him that, yet their are those out there that still belittle the Sabres for buying him out and not giving him a big contract because he was from Buffalo. Its probably not Kennedy’s fault, its probably not the Sabres fault, but again – point of the article is lost in inability to understand what was being said.

  • thisnameisshort

    I remember commenting on the other article, but I definitely tried to talk about the facts and not go back and forth in circles with it. Sorry that others had some words that were a bit more harsh.

    Regarding this post, you’re spot on. He was here on the third line in his first full NHL season. He is an undersized forward who does not have a scoring touch, but is willing to work as hard as anybody else. Sounds like Adam Mair (quick note, it sucks that he’s out of a job…quality guy, but there just isn’t room for him on our roster).

    He held his breath and pouted that they only offered him…whatever it was. Of course everything is so secretive that they never tell us. Fact is he gambled and he screwed the pooch. Big time. I mean, it’s possible we’ve seen Tim Kennedy’s only year as a starter. How’s that for scary? He might have screwed up his entire professional career because he felt like he deserved much more than he did.

    His first year in the league he earned 26 points. What a smart person does from there is they take a working man’s contract, they put in a lot of training and come back stronger, and they *earn* that big pay day. In other words, Tim Kennedy, you’re doing it wrong.

    But my main bitch about this entire situation has been the fans that have been crying about it. They care because he’s from South Buffalo, which is fine. I’ll say right off that I love that Pat Kaleta is from Angola, I loved that Tim Kennedy is from SB, and I wish they would have signed Lee Stempniak. So everybody is up in arms that they cut a kid from our area. They seem to forget that Tim Kennedy, the little Irish kid from South Buffalo, the kid who grew up watching the Sabres, the kid that was living the dream of everybody that plays hockey in Western New York, took his hometown team to arbitration.

    Few people talked about that. What a slap to the face of this community. He holds no ties to Buffalo. He made it very clear he wanted the big pay day right away, and screw the hometown discount. That’s why I have no sympathy for him languishing in the AHL for as long as possible.

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