Sabres Game Night: NJD and Lindy hits 1,000

Lindy Ruff will will enter into a position that not many modern day coaches hold, the 1,000 game club.  The Buffalo Sabres now have a 1,000 dollar man.  What better team to play against for that right, than the New Jersey Devils. 

Over the years, how many countless goaltender battles have we seen between the Buffalo Sabres and New Jersey Devils, i.e. the “half puck” game!.  There have been some amazing all world goaltending battles between these two teams.  But wait, all world will take a backseat, as the Sabres will be starting their third string goaltender, and the understudy to Martin Brodeur will be playing.  Oh well, you can’t win them all.  Congratulations Lindy Ruff.  Here’s to a thousand more games behind the bench with the Buffalo Sabres – unfortunately that will probably not happen as your team is playing you out of a job.  You might make it to 2,000 games, but not behind the Blue and Gold.  You want to be the million dollar man in Buffalo?  Figure out how to keep your job through this funk and win a championship – you might be elected mayor if that happens. 

What really makes me pull my hair out on the NHL schedule, is how many complaints there are about how cramped the schedule is late  in the year and there is nothing the league can do about it.  Really?  How about the fact that the New Jersey Devils and Buffalo Sabres last played on Saturday – they have been sitting around for three days waiting to play each other.  Now if that happens once every ten years, we can call it an oddity, the Buffalo Sabres, on top of playing in back to back situations EVERY weekend, have this happen to them twice in the month of November.  Can’t we balance that out a bit and play every other night as opposed to cramming the games into half the month?

Whatever.  It’s been a rough few days without hockey.  Maybe my spirits will be lifted tonight with a Sabres win.

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  • thehosers

    It’s a shame Lindy is on the chopping block when it is somewhat clear that it is beyond his control. I’m not sure changing the system will work… and clearly shifting lines hasn’t. Peppering Hedberg with shots won’t be Buffalo’s problem… it’ll most likely be not being able to bang away the rebounds. Buffalo has a serious problem doing it. Fifth in the league in shots, 26th in goals per game.

    Does two wins in a row constitute a win streak?

  • Tim Redinger


    Thanks for reading, and I agree with you – I don’t think he should be held responsible for the poor play that we are experiencing – but thats what teams do. What is unfortunate is five minutes after we fire him (if we do) he will have a job somewhere else, and I don’t know how much more painful it can be to watch another good coach go somewhere else and win a Cup. Lindy will have a ring before he retires from coaching, its just a matter of where he will get it.

    I don’t think two wins constitutes a winning streak, but you have to win two before a streak can start. I don’t like to call it a streak until you start putting four or more games together.