Sabres Don't Disappoint, Defeat Canucks

Early tonight I used the term virgins to describe the Buffalo Sabres, and Vancouver Canucks.  On the ice tonight, they were the furthest thing from virgins.  These two teams looked like proverbial hockey sluts.

Most nights, when a team plays a full hockey game and then is forced into playing an extra five minutes, the tank is empty, and you see guys that are going a little less than full bore because they are just exhausted.

Not the case tonight.  After allowing the Vancouver Canucks room to come back after leading them all game; the Buffalo Sabres decided that they had plenty enough in the tank to run and gun with their Class of ’70 West Coast counterparts.

And Run and Gun they did.  Looking after twitter and facebook after the game, there is pretty much a unanimous vote that tonights overtime was the best five minutes or so of hockey that has been played in a long time, and not just in Buffalo.

The Sabres have now strung together two home wins, and they have matched a season high winning “streak” of two games.  They face off next against the Capitals on Wednesday at 7PM, in Washington.  The Sabres then have a four game home stand that stretches from Friday the 19th through Friday the 26, with visits from Los Angeles, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, and Toronto.

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