West Coast Woes

The Buffalo Sabres head out West to compete in a three game road trip that starts tonight against the Colorado Avalanche.  Buffalo lost the only meeting between these two teams last year, and the Sabres are hoping that they can continue their winning streak beyond its two game stature. 

The Sabres are on a winning streak thanks to bookending the New Year with victories, the latest coming in a wild shootout win over the Boston Bruins.  The Sabres battled hard to come back and stay in that game, with Ryan Miller allowing four goals on the first 11 shots of the game – a game in which 13 goals were scored on 1-1-11 (add them up and it makes 13 – a great day for conspiracy theorists).  A great night of hockey had NBC left wondering if maybe they shouldn’t have featured the wrong game for the Winter Classic.  Can you imagine the ratings Boston/Buffalo could have endured? 

The Buffalo Sabres take a 6-4 record against the Western Conference, and could really use the points as they try once again to do the slow crawl up the standings to make it into the top eight.  I have mixed feelings about that, because the top team to ever win the Stanley Cup has been a fifth seed – so is making it in as the eight team really worth it?  Money wise yes, fan wise yes, but what are the odds of winning it all as a lowly eight seed? 

Get your naps Buffalo fans – its a night of late night hockey.  Normally I would bitch and moan about West Coast hockey, but the Sabres have seemed to be getting up for Western Conference games this year – so we could be in for an interesting week. 

The World Juniors in Buffalo are almost over; and on top of worrying about if we are going to make the playoffs, fans eagerly await the announcement of the team to Terry Pegula.  We shall see how that shakes out after gold has been awarded.

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