Buffalo Sabres Defeat Injured Montreal Canadiens

Lately if I wrote on here that they were dropping like flies, you might think I was referring to pucks in the net behind goaltender Ryan Miller.  Tonight, it was players on the ice.  The Buffalo Sabres lost Drew Stafford, and the Montreal Canadiens lost Max Pacioretty and Michael Cammalleri, 45 seconds apart.  The Canadiens were also without Jeff Halpern for most of the evening.

Whatever way you take it, the Buffalo Sabres finally won a key game in an effort to catch the teams in front of them in the Northeast Division, as well as the top eight in the playoffs.  Heading into tonights performance the Buffalo Sabres were twelve points behind the Montreal Canadiens.  The Boston Bruins continued their dominance over the Carolina Hurricanes, furthering their lead on the division.

Tonights performance was by no stretch of the means a quality effort by anyone in Blue and Gold, the game was actually surprisingly boring compared to other affairs this year.  In the end, it put the Sabres just one point closer to the Montreal Canadiens, and two points closer to idle Atlanta.  The Sabres have pulled back into a tie with the Florida Panthers.

What did interest me was the fact that there were a surprising number of Canadien fans in attendance in tonights game.  I actually thought the game was in Montreal, until I saw the ice surface – I had frankly forgotten to check the schedule to find out where the game was being played.  Now I know the stands are typically overrun by Canadien fans when their teams come into Buffalo, but tonight there seemed to be an over the top amount of Habs sweaters.

The second thing that really caught me off guard was a comment a Habs fan had put on an article after the game, about how the Habs never get a break, and are always getting the “shit” end of the stick.  Now, this is my site, I can write that, there comment probably would have been deleted if they had written the obscenity, so I am only assuming that is what they had intended to write.  Now, having watched the game, the commenter must not have – because they must not have seen the goaltender interference call on the Sabres earlier in the game where Nathan Gerbe appeared to have looked at Montreal goaltender Carey Price.

Now I am not trying to get into a pissing contest with fans of Montreal – nor do I think they should have had their first goal disallowed, I thought it was a good goal, but there guys were humping Ryan Millers arm all night, and nothing was called – and I think the Candadiens get more “calls” than any other team in the league, especially in their building.  Two points are in the bag, and the Sabres are still one good loss away from really having taken the wind taken out of their sails – manage to stay alive yet another game.

The Sabres next tilt comes Thursday against the Northeast leading Boston Bruins, followed by a home and home with the New York Islanders over the weekend.

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  • mojo1267


    I’m a Habs fan, however I pride myself in the knowledge of the game and being somewhat objective.

    I agree with most of your article, however to say that the Canadiens get more calls than any other team in the league. as per NHL.com, Montreal has had 161 Power Plays for and 191 against, at home they’ve had 90 for and 95 against (yes, it’s a slow day at the office for me to look this up). Buffalo is around even in both cases.

    I find this stat interesting as Montreal is a fast team with no goons in their line up, and the one agitator that we had, Lapierre (Our version of Kaleta) has been traded.

    Another theory floated around here is that Jacques Martin never says boo to the refs. Ruff tore a strip of them yesterday and calls started to go his way, Martin should do the same, even if it’s obvious the right call was made (i.e Gomez High-stick on Gerbe). I was at a game last week vs. Pittsbirgh, Dan Bylsma had a nice chat with the ref prior to the start of the 2nd period after some questionable calls went againt the Pens (2 calls). …Montreal received the next SIX penalties.

  • http://www.sabrenoise.com Tim Redinger


    Thanks for the read, and I was just sharing a sentiment, it wasn’t based in fact or anything, thats why I said, I Think….i guess I should have expressed that more as in my opinion. I don’t think there is any merit to the your team gets more calls than my team argument when you actually look at the numbers. Refs are human and nothing is going to change that culture.

    I appreciate you following the site and commenting.