Saturday Night Shopper

This weeks edition of the Saturday Night Shopper, although a little late, because technically as I write this it is the wee hours of Sunday morning – is for serious Sabres fans only.

When I say serious fans, I mean serious fans only.  This weeks objection of Sabres Fan adoration is a two slice capacity Buffalo Sabres “ProToast” Team Logo Toaster!

The photo above from shows how the teams sweater emblem is “burnt” into you toast so that breakfast can be just as hockey as desert.  While the application will only really work on toast and english muffins, as the whole in the bagel would disrupt the logo – its a catchy little idea that someone is probably making a cool mint on.  The website order form claims this as an internet exlusive, however I have seen these for sail at the HSBC Arena Sabres Store.

Theres a forty dollar price tag to blazen the Sabres logo onto your breakfast toast; which is pretty steep for a two capacity toaster.  A google search for two slice capacity toasters under $20 revealed ten options, to include a Hello Kitty version of the “ProTeams” toaster, for half the price.

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