Your Morning Sabres 2/10/11

Sabres have some ground to make up and decisions need to be made come trade deadline. When Terry Pegula takes over the Buffalo Sabres, he will have a very short time to decide whether or not they should attempt a run for the playoffs or start dumping salary/dead weight. There are very few players on this squad that I think the Sabres need to hold on to. I’m not talking about a “core” or keeping them loyalty reasons; I’m talking about because of the way they are playing.

I guess if it were my decision come deadline, I would want to make a strong push for the playoffs. It’s not like the Sabres are out of it by any means. With several games in hand on Atlanta, Carolina and now even NY Rangers, the Sabres have a legitimate shot to make the playoffs. I know, if they get in to the playoffs, chances are typically pretty slim for the lower-end teams, but I’d rather be in the playoffs than not. Simple as that.

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