So I was reading the preview on for tonights game, looking for information to put into my post, and this is what I find when I read about our goaltending situation:

 After 31 consecutive starts, Ryan Miller got the night off on Tuesday — and saw rookie Jhonas Enstrom put on a show. Enstrom stopped 32 shots in regulation and seven more in the shootout as the Sabres scored twice to force overtime, then rallied from 2-0 down to win the shootout in 10 rounds on a goal by Jochen Hecht.

Enstrom was recalled from AHL Portland after Sunday’s 7-6 loss to the Islanders and got the start over backup Patrick Lalime. He has three NHL victories — all via shootout.

“I thought he did a great job,” Sabres coach Lindy Ruff said. “That’s the reason that he’s been down there trying to develop and playing games, and the reason he’s here is because of how hard he worked in Portland. We knew that it was going to get to a point where he was going to get an opportunity to play and he came up and proved that he can be a capable NHL goaltender.”

Correct me if I am wrong but our goaltender last night was Jhonas Enroth?  Despite the name change, Enroth did play well, and did not wilt under the pressure of being down two goals to none to the Montreal Canadiens.  And despite Lindy Ruff saying more nice things about him in one post game game than he has said about Patrick Lalime in all the time he has spent here, yet he is on his way back to Portland.

The Sabres can move into the playoffs tonight, but they need a little help.  The Maple Leafs need to lose at the hand of the Sabres and the Hurricanes must lose in regulation.  It shouldn’t be a hard task for the Sabres to beat the Leafs, they have won their last three games this season against the Leafs, and are 7-0 against the Leafs in the last seven visits to HSBC Arena.

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  • lonewolf3388

    Tim.. you seem unhappy that Enroth is going back down. You know Miller gets the vast majority of the starts. Will Enroth continue to improve more by playing in Portland or by taking Lalime’s seat on the bench?

  • Tim Redinger

    lonewolf3388 – I am unhappy that Enroth is going down. I don’t think that Enroth will continue to improve in Portland. The only thing that happens by sending him down is we have to waste time calling him back up the next time he plays. I would have waived Lalime and sent him to Portland. I don’t hate Lalime, I just hate Lalime in a Sabres sweater. I would rather have Enroth on the bench here where we need him, and Lalime shaking the rust off in Portland to see if he can’t play somewhere else next year. His stock falls more and more with each game he is on the bench.

    • lonewolf3388

      You make a good point about Lalime getting some work to see if he can regain some of his old form but I still like Enroth getting the work in Portland rather than gathering splinters in Buffalo. Now come playoff time I’ll feel differently about it.. get your best active.

  • Tim Redinger

    lonewolf, agreed. We make the playoffs and you have to bring Enroth up – but do you really think that Ryan Miller will ceded the crease at all in the playoffs? Doubtful. The Portland Pirates are looking like a lock for the playoffs. If he’s not going to play here I would keep him in Portland where he has a chance of leading a team to glory again, as opposed to killing the Pirates chances just so he can get a taste of the playoffs in the bigs.

    • lonewolf3388

      Oh no. Whoever the backup is come playoff time will be just that.. backup. He’ll only play in an emergency situation. And you make a great point about letting Enroth be the guy in Portland for the playoffs. Whether it’s NHL or AHL, playoff pressure goes a long way in seasoning a player. You’re much closer to the Sabre’s situation than I am Tim, as I’m following them from Cleveland so I’m not debating with you.. just stating my own opinions. BTW.. did they just get outworked by the Leafs or what? Phil in Cleveland