Ownership Has Changed Hands - Still No Activity From Front Office

The ownership is official, and the Terry Pegula era has begun, yet there have been no moves by the Buffalo Sabres to replace bad decisions and poor players on this roster. 

John Vogl reports for the Buffalo News that the current homestand might have something to do with the freeze on the Sabres roster. 

“It does influence, yeah,” Regier said in Northtown Center in Amherst. “The decision you make, it could happen before [the deadline and end of the homestand], but certainly it can also impact how we do in that span.”


Wait, what, run that by me again?  You have had 58 games to look at this roster and realize there is nothing more than a dead end sign at the end of the season, and you need to wait until the end of the homestand to figure that out?  The current homestand ends on Saturday night after the Buffalo Sabres entertain the Detroit Red Wings at 7PM EST.  If you figure three hours on the long end of a modern NHL game, that puts the Sabres last game before the trade deadline ending at 10 PM on Saturday.  That would give Darcy Regier 41 hours to make any trades in order to plan for the future or make a run for the playoffs.  41 hours. 

This is coming from a guy that either doesn’t care that his job could be coming to an end here in Buffalo – and has something lined up; or has been given an assurance by the new ownership that he isn’t going anywhere.  To have a team that has this many problems on it; to wait until the day before the deadline to start making moves seems a little, well irresponsible. 

To save face with the fans, maybe, just maybe we can see a contract extension to a guy like Montador, who has been a stantion on the blue line since Captain Craig Rivet can’t make the lineup before the trade deadline expires. 

“We’ve left that off the table,” Regier said. “To the extent that it’s addressed, we’ll address it after the season.”


Wait, what – your waiting until after the season?  Isn’t that how you got in this position because you won’t renegotiate during the season. 

Darcy Regier, I wash my hands of you.  And I hope that new owner Terry Pegula has as well.  For a team with an owner eager to win, were so far getting the same old song and score from the general manager.  And all signs are pointing towards dead end. 

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