Your Morning Sabres 2/22/11

It’s today! The changing of ownership is officially going to be announced around 11:00 am today. Unfortunately I won’t be able to physically hear it and due to limited access on my work computer, I will only be able to receive what my google news feed tells me; however, that doesn’t have me any less excited.

Unless you’re expecting Mr. Pegula to announce all of his trades and personnel decisions today, you should be pretty excited. I know I’ve beat this topic like a dead horse, but a multi-billionaire owner with a passion for hockey has to be possibly the best owner you could ask for. What is that movie where they create a perfect woman and Robert Downey, Jr. is in it? Weird Science? Well, think of it as a Weird Science-esque type situation where all the perfect parts of a NHL franchise owner was put together to create Mr. Pegula.

Well, enjoy the press conference if you can listen in on it. You can bet I’ll be listening to a replay of it when I get out of work!

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