Your Morning Sabres 2/24/11

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The Pegula era starts with a bang! First, a historic move was in order yesterday when the Sabres became the first NHL team to place a captain on waivers mid-season; however, this move does not seem as though it was made because of the new owner, but it is still a step in the right direction.

Personally, I liked Craig Rivet. I was not happy that he decided to keep the C on his jersey despite being stuck in the press box, but I still thought he served the Sabres well up until last year. Again, I don’t think him not relinquishing his captaincy was all his decision either. I hope for his sake a team will find a roster spot for him somewhere.

Also, that was a hell of a game last night! I was getting nervous because the 2nd period for the most part was uninspired hockey. If the Sabres didn’t win that game during such an emotional night, I would have buried my head and not admitted being a Sabres fan for awhile; however, they came back with fury and passion to win pretty impressively and made a little headway in the standings again.

Let’s all hope that the passion we saw last night again the Thrashers will continue until the end of the regular season.

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