Sabres Set to Buy Rather Than Sell

We believe in this core.  For too long those sentiments have been the benchmark of the regime of Lindy Ruff, Darcy Regier, Larry Quinn, and Tom Golisano.  It appears that the mantra will not change anytime soon.

Whether it is a directive from a new owner, or a new owner letting his hockey men run the hockey show, but the Buffalo Sabres will be buying pieces for this year and the future as opposed to selling off the contracts that have gotten them into this position.

Now this tells me two things, either the face of this franchise is not going to change, and we all just drank the Pegula kool aid the past week, or the reality is no one wants our trash and we are sugar coating it as being buyers rather than sellers.

So far the only move for the Buffalo Sabres have made were to place former Captain Craig Rivet on waivers, and then re-entry waivers in order to see him go to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

It sounds as if the Buffalo Sabres will be looking at deals that offer them more than just a rental player for the end of the season as they look to build the future, but that’s all that really is available this time of the year.  And in Buffalo its never about the rental, its always about the attached draft pick.  You know, we didn’t trade player x for nothing a rental player that didn’t work  out Raffi Torres Steve Bernier we traded player x for a rental and a draft pick, so really we traded  player x for player z.

With the trade deadline less than 24 hours away, don’t expect major changes.  Expect maybe a rental player.  The good news is that in order to buy you have to sell, so at least we will see some movement of maybe the dead weight going elsewhere.

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