Weekend of Opportunity

We have hold of the eighth and final playoff spot.  In fact, since we entered the playoff picture, we haven’t lost possession.  The Buffalo Sabres have an opportunity to further cement their position in the top eight and keep Carolina from encroaching back on playoff teams.  While I would love to win the bet, because I am not really looking forward to dying my hair red – and I would love to see KP Kelly parading around in Blue and Gold – I would rather have that game not mean anything becuase Carolina is out of the playoff picture. 

But the battle is not over; the Sabres play two teams this weekend that are battling for their playoff lives.  Atlanta can get back in the picture with two points (which I would love to see just because it pushed the ‘Canes further down in the standings – just not at our hands).  Atlanta has not given up hope on the playoffs like the city has given up on them.  Sunday brings the second to last Western Conference team come into Buffalo for the year, The Nashville Predators.   The Preds also sit outside of the playoff picture, but a mere point seperates them from the top eight in the tightly backed Western Conference. 

The Sabres will end the season against a Western Conference Team – the Columbus Blue Jackets


When the Sabres faceoff against the Thrashers tomorrow, they could be tied with Carolina - but will have two games in hand.  The Hurricanes play the Islanders tonight.  The Rangers could add to their lead on the Sabres for seventh place  as they face Montreal tonight.  Carolina is off this weekend, so the Buffalo Sabres are playing their two games in hand.  New York faces Pittsburgh on Sunday. 

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