Sabres Keep Carolina at Bay

You almost have to feel bad for the Florida Panthers.  They are one loss away from watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the tenth time in a row.  If the NHL wanted to make one of those history will be made commercials about them the next time they do make the playoffs, they have enough bad memory film to make that a full length feature film as opposed to a several second commercial.

Working late most nights, I get to see about the final ten minutes of the third period of every game.  I am missing so much live hockey that I am considering ditching the HD just to save a few extra bucks a month.  Hockey is the only real reason I have the HD package anyway.  Tonight the only goal I saw was the futile effort of the Florida Panthers in the final three seconds.   Big whoop, you scored a goal.  It’s not like Miller is going to be winning the Vezina this year, nor was he pitching the shutout.

I don’t always just want to right bad things about the Florida Panthers.  I have some friends that root for them.  As a hockey fan myself, I hate to see embarrassing crowds fill these huge arenas.  I want hockey to succeed in the markets that it is in before we start to see any more talk of hockey in new markets.

In order for this to happen, Florida is going to have to figure out a way to win.  For the past ten years this organization continues to drive on the thruway of hockey in a left turn only car, trying to get off on the success exit in the right lane.

The Buffalo Sabres didn’t lose any ground by winning tonight; they also didn’t gain any ground tonight because the Carolina Hurricanes also won tonight.  It’s almost not fair that we keep Carolina as close as they are.  As much as I would like to see the Sabres keep them far enough away so that the game on April 3rd doesn’t mean anything – it might be fun for that to be the Sabres victory that puts them low enough in the standings that there is no recovery.  Keeping them at bay right now is just toying with your prey before you pounce.  Or as a parent, a funnier case of …keeping them just out of reach of being in the top eight again: