I Scream, You Scream....

…We all scream for a Zamboni shaped ice cream truck?

In several playoff markets across the country, NBC Sports Group will convert a Zamboni into an ice cream truck and, with the help of a local NHL legend, deliver free ice cream to fans throughout the first round of the postseason.

Sounds pretty “cool” right?  Hell, it might be another gimmick by a league trying to entice would be fans into their exhibits, but this one actually seems like a genuine attempt at getting into the community during the playoffs.  We will see if NBC and VS are able to anticipate the throng of people that are going to show up for their free ice cream and a chance to win other great prizes such as official team hats/shirts, autographed merchandise, team jerseys, gift cards, tickets to regular-season games next year and more.

So where in Buffalo is this zamboni turned ice cream truck going to show up?  Not sure yet, but they are going to release where and when they are going to show up – on facebook and twitter.

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