Draft, Free Agency, Prospects....Oh My

Many teams this year, namely the Edmonton Oilers, Colorado Avalanche, Florida Panthers, and New York Islanders are looking to the draft to see how they can fix the glaring holes that are keeping them in the bottom five of the standings.  Mock drafts are becoming the normal fair at blogs and sites around the internet.

For a team like the Buffalo Sabres, the draft picks are further in the future than most of us care to think about.  Wise decisions on draft day have left the Buffalo Sabres in a position to have depth at many positions.

This depth was evident in the playoffs this year, as youngsters like Nathan Gerbe, Tyler Ennis and Jhonas Enroth were the stars on most nights.  Waiting in the wings are guys like Luke Adams, Mark Mancari, Paul Byron, TJ Brennan and Zach Kassian.  Brennan and Kassian have yet to see a Blue and Gold sweater, but their days are coming.   

Do the Buffalo Sabres need to make a huge splash in free agency?  Terry Pegula and company are looking to turn this roster around and win a Stanley Cup in three years.  That’s the plan – but how soon should we expect to see results?

This year’s roster either super under achieved the first half of the year, or majorly over achieved in the second semester.  With a high volume of free agents this off season, we only stand to reason to get stronger by bringing in outside talent to help. 

With the work that the Sabres put forth in the latter half of the season, and the fact that the culture is set to change – will free agents come to Buffalo or will it take more of a change in order to lure guys like Brad Richards to Buffalo?

Buffalo Sabres and Free Agency

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  • lonewolf3388

    First thing, Tim.. I don’t want to hear people bad-mouthing the Sabres for going out in the first round. They played a very tough team and took them to the limit. And if you told me 4 or 5 months ago that they’d even be in the playoffs I’d have laughed at you. So well done Sabres. As to your question about players comming to Buffalo.. I look at Marty St. Louis in Tampa. He was set to go free agent but when the lightning hired Yzerman and convinced him that the team was on the right track he signed to stay for I believe 5 years. So I feel that if players belive the Sabres are heading in the right direction they’ll come and be a part of it. If there are any “big splash” guys who can be signed without killing your cap space then go for it, but if it’s a stated 3 year plan then I wouldn’t get too eager to sign a big name just for the PR and ultimately hurt your chances of signing other impact players. A three year plan leaves room for steady improvement which will only make Buffalo a more desireable destination for free agents. Any way they go.. good luck.. Phil in Cleveland

  • http://www.sabrenoise.com Tim Redinger


    glad to see you still around. I agree with you. The Sabres and Flyers gave us one hell of a series, and I am completely happy with the season. WOuld I liked to have seen a longer playoff run, sure, but I had pretty much written the season off in December.

    I am very eager to see what is going to happen this off season.