Do You Make The Call

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The fact that the New York Rangers are going after Brad Richards doesn’t scare me.  They can overpay on their roster close to the cap as much as they want.  How many times has it been proven in this league you cannot buy yourself a Stanley Cup.  Hell the Rangers couldn’t buy themselves a Stanley Cup when there wasn’t a salary cap.

What interests me about this story – is the fact that Chris Drury will be an unrestricted free agent able to go where ever he wants to go this off season, with a partial contract being paid for by the New York Rangers.  The question I was posed with the other day -

Would you call Chris Drury?

Given the facts, I think calling Chris Drury with a non-committing offer would be a smart move by this organization.  Drury has a Cup under his belt, something that no one on this current roster has.  Drury was the driving force behind putting a picture of the elusive Stanley Cup in the locker room.  Chris Drury’s game thrives where he can be the rock star.

I think Darcy would be a fool not to give the former captain a courtesy call and say, hey have you heard the news, were back in the market for a championship – we remodeled the place a little bit, and we are looking to remodel the roster.  How about coming back and being a rock star in a hockey town again?  Whats that Chris, numbers…mmm..lets go with two million a year for two years.  Will give you the C and let you build this team into a contender for us.  What better way to capstone your career?

Think about it this way, would you trade Tim Connolly for Chris Drury?  You would, ok…well then make the call.

If I were Darcy – if the rumors are even close to being true..I would put the call in.  Drury left this area not for the money, but to live the dream.  He always wanted to wear the sweater of the New York Rangers.  His lived the dream.  He’s played across the league in many cities.    Stops in Colorado and Calgary have given him the taste of the West.  He could do no wrong in a city where he had rock star treatment and couldn’t go to the grocery store without being noticed, given the fact that he played on the best team in the Eastern Conference for two years.  You lived the dream in New York, wearing that Red, White, and Blue sweater.

Can’t hurt to make the call right?

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