Dudly to Join Maple Leafs

If the reports are true, Rick Dudley, former general manager of the Atlanta Thrashers will be joining the management team in Toronto. 

The Buffalo Sabres could have used Dudley in the front office to assist Darcy Regier in processing talent.  Dudley has roots with the Buffalo franchise having played and coached here.  If the new management here in Buffalo wants to make this truly Hockey Heaven, much more than luring free agents and asking for players to waive a no trade clause has to be done.  If the Sabres can bring someone into their top office staff to help with the talent end of things, they may be better off. 

I am not looking to replace Darcy Regier, but there is no reason why we cannot have – or get a team of intelligent hockey individuals to run the front office, instead of relying on one or two individuals.

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