Insomnia Nation

For many Sabres fans, June 30th was just another day on the calendar.  This year, sites like Twitter and Facebook will need to increase their bandwidth for servers dedicated to the Northeast, because many people in Buffalo will be on those sites with a case of hockey insomnia – pacing their dens, living rooms, kitchens, and driveways anxiously awaiting the tremors that will be felt by the splash made by the Buffalo Sabres in free agency. 

Rumors are abundant, Stastny, Richards, Parise.  Are the Sabres interested in any of the RFAs that might be UFAs at noon because of the drama unfolding in Nashville? I don’t know how far the NHLPA will get with that grievance, but it could play into the drama of tomorrow. 

The Buffalo Sabres are making headlines for positive reasons on free agency for this first time, in well probably forever. 

The question I have, is the hype going to be overshadowed by failure?  While I am impressed with the recent moves, and a little envious of Terry Pegula (primarily because in the last two years the man has spent 243 million dollars on the purchase or upgrade of hockey teams on three levels (NHL, AHL, Collegiate) – is it going to be enough to win the almost yearlong sweepstakes that crowns one team champion of hockey in North America? 

Only one team gets the chance to hoist the cup and party like its 1999 all over again.  Are the Buffalo Sabres picking the right pieces?  It is one thing to pick the right pieces to win the Stanley Cup, but the fans have to be on board as well.  Detroit continues to put a quality product on the ice – Sabres fans are more murderous – probably because they have waited in drought for forty years for Terry Pegula to come along. 

How will the fans respond if the dream falls short this year?  Next year?  The third and final year of the quest for the cup?  Ok, so its not the final year we can contend for the cup, but it is the final year of the self annointed window that Terry Pegula put on this team back in February when he made it a point to say he would like to win the cup in a three year plan. 

Sabres fans read that as We will win the cup in three years or less. 

We are long over due.  We have paid our dues and a championship will come to this city.  Now it is only a matter of when it will happen.

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