Don't call it a comeback...

Hey guys, I don’t know if you noticed, but I haven’t been writing as of recently. Now, it isn’t because I stopped loving you– no it’s not that. It’s more because life has gotten in the way. Trust me, I still follow the Sabres more fervently than I do world events (what’s the debt ceiling, mirite? Guys?).

Truthfully, I have more opinions about the moves the Sabres’ have made this summer than I could count; however, my unwelcome prediction that the Sabres would move Enroth was squashed today when the Sabres signed a multi-year deal with the Swedish prospect. The funny thing is I predicted this to my boss at work who is close with Enroth– she wasn’t too happy with me.

I actually really like Enroth and I’d imagine he’ll be a solid backup this season and also provide the much needed support that Miller deserves. In years past, we’ve watched aging backups really suck it up, but now we have a young prospect with undeniable skill manning the pipes while Miller gets a breather.

I do have my concerns, however…

Obviously Enroth isn’t the biggest guy, so when Enroth does play angles, he leaves a large part of the net open. Fortunately with the new beefed up defense, this may be a concern that isn’t truly necessary. Also, let’s not forget about the kid’s (I can call him kid because he is 6 months younger than I am) blistering reflexes.

Ultimately, I still think Enroth will be moved after that 2 year deal is up, unless Miller really drops quickly, which is doubtful.

Well, hopefully my next post won’t be months between.

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