Buffalo Sabres Jersey Foul

Yahoo’s Puck Daddy has made the Jersey foul a regular pieced, giving fans and writers alike an opportunity to point out that there are people who follow the sport of hockey who do not honor the sanctity and sacred sweater worn by their club.

I am not one to point out a jersey foul when I see one, but this weekend I saw a foul that needed to be pointed out, and it happened in a blue and gold sweater.  I am a fan of the modernized original logo.  The blue is a little dark and can appear black at times, and is nothing like original Sabre blue, but the new sweater does what the black and red era, or the “slug” couldn’t do, and that is unite a city behind their team.  And then someone had to go and defile the new sweater, and a historic Sabre at the same time.

I wasn’t fast enough with the camera phone, but while working over the weekend, I saw a trio of Sabres blue and gold that caught my eye.  One of the three jerseys was an Erhoff, paying homage to one of the newest Buffalo Sabres.

Before I point out who the offending sweater depicted, I should point out that it was a new blue “home”sweater.  Now, the way guys move teams nowadays, the name on the back has become more important that the name on the front – which is why I stick with a nameless sweater.

The player depicted?  Gilbert Perreault – complete with number 11 and a “C” on the front.

Ok,so I get the fact that you want to pay homage to the original Buffalo Sabre, the first draft pick of your favorite team, a man who still holds countless team records.  But on a blue home jersey?  If your going to honor number “11”, shouldn’t it be on the sweater that Mr. Sabre wore himself – and not one that was christened years after the number was retired.

If your going to honor a great from your team, wouldn’t you want to have it be a version that they would have worn?  Even the organization understands that fact, and put the French Connection in white to introduce Terry Pegula in front of a home crowd.

If your going to pay homage to a pre-red/black era player, it should be on a white jersey, without the number on the front, with the original logo. 

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